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Photo by Achim Bongard from Pexels

Spring means it is a baby bird season! If you weren’t a bird person before the COVID-19 quarantine, you probably are now. Since it’s so quiet outside I swear they’re coming in loud and clear and it’s quite soothing to our soul. The birds are so cute to see and watch grow when they are close by, and some of us have had those little bird families build their condos on the front porch.

I know our friends at the Carolina Raptor’s Center knows all too well how easy it can be to get too close to a wild bird and what the dangers that come with that, even with babies.

The video I’ll share is the do’s and don’ts when finding a baby bird out of its nest. The hard part is when we find a baby we want to help and nurture them. For Earth Day last month, the Raptor Center put together a video to help those of us to identify when and what to do in those moments. Check out the video here!


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