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With many children spending more time at home this summer, experts worry there could be an increase in some preventable injuries and deaths, and that includes things like, kids drowning, and or finding your firearms. American Academy of Pediatrics offers tips to protect children from common, everyday dangers, including water in bathtubs, buckets or backyard pools, as well as firearms that may kept be in the home for recreation or protection. This blog is in no way infringing on anyone’s gun totting privilege, but it is a reminder to hide those suckers away.

So what’s next? Here’s some suggestions to think about when we have our kids at home:

  • Safe storage for firearms
  • Reducing the risk of teen drowning
  • Protecting toddlers from water dangers around the home

Are you a household with essential workers and you only have one spouse working at home, well if you’re not organized and kids are not on a schedule, your life can easily spiral into a frenzy. Stay safe and plan your days out, or your days might ending up planning you!

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