Coronavirus Information Report

The Coronavirus has a lot of things being postponed or cancelled. The Met Gala is now cancelled. It had been rescheduled for May 4th, but of course that didn’t happen.

The next event that could possibly be postponed would be The Oscars. You know, I’m not opposed to this being postponed because they need to revisit their diversification and inclusion in this event. Last month, the Academy decided to include streaming films. I knew then, they were considering postponing the event. But, the Coronavirus has made a lot of America see many things in different lights. We’ve seen things that we took for granted, things we have now, like time, that we didn’t push for before. The Academy has an opportunity to completely re diversify the Oscars because I don’t feel as though I see enough black and brown representation. Others may feel it does, but trust me, it doesn’t.

Remember when Viola Davis gave a speech about diversity?

She wasn’t the only one either. Joaquin Phoenix delivered a powerful speech as well about inclusion and that’s also what it takes. Its going to take top, white, powerful actors to speak out for black and brown actors to get a fair shake.

So, yes! They do need to be postponed. They need to be postponed and revamped.