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Coronavirus Information Report

CARTHAGE, TX - FEBRUARY 25: A Tyson Poultry truck backs up to its load dock at a processing plant February 25, 2004 in Carthage, Texas. East Texas Poultry Producers and Farmers are concerned that the newest Avian Flu strain, most recently found in a flock in Houston, might spread to other flocks within East Texas. The Poultry industry in Texas is a mult-million dollar business for the state and fears of further flock infections could cripple the industry. (Photo by Mario Villafuerte/Getty Images)

North Carolina’s own Tyson facility in Wilkesboro had 570 of its own employees test positive for COVID-19. Can you believe that?! There are about 2,250 employees at the facility and 570 of them tested positive without showing any type of symptoms at all. Luckily since the company was providing these test workers found out.. But imagine what could have happened if they didn’t?

After learning about the outbreak the company shut down for 5 days for deep cleaning. As a result the workers who tested positive are receiving paid leave and cannot come back to work until they test negative.