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I’m hearing so many parents say that they never intended to be school teachers during the stay at home orders. With many of us still working from home and the kids out for the rest of the school year, it’s time to get creative with the time we spend with them. Instead of being glued to our electronics and connected to wifi, here are some fun inexpensive ways to connect to our little ones and make the most out of our time together in quarantine.

Read together: Reading is Fundamental and a great way to strengthen their vocabulary and encourage them to use their imagination. Reading is proven to reduce stress and improve analytical and cognitive skills.

Karaoke: Find karaoke songs on YouTube, or download the Sing! Karaoke app by Smule for iPhone or Android and sing your hearts out!

Build a Fort: Classic childhood fun. Arrange cardboard or sofa cushions into a cozy hideaway. Or you can just throw a sheet over the kitchen table and let the kiddies crawl under for some easy fun.

Do A Photoshoot! Here is another opportunity to get creative. Play dress up and find props and around the house for a home photoshoot! You can even pose the little ones with their favorite toys or the family pet. The point is to make memories. Pinterest is full of great ideas.

Bake Cookies: Another greatest hit! Who doesn’t love cookies? There are literally hundreds of cookie recipes to try even sugar-free and no bake options. Who knows? Maybe you guys will even invent your own.

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