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Vonyetta on Fire

Whew! I debated quite a few times about writing this. I debated if I should even write it here, but here it goes.

Whew! Did I say that already because it’s a lot to unpack. A lot of us work in corporate America and the levels of systematic racism are so great, that sometimes it’s literally unbearable. I’ve heard stories and seen my black friends work twice as long and hard to prepare to move into a position just to get shut out by the position being given to someone else less qualified and you guessed it, white. But through it all, they maintained their professionalism, oftentimes, while training the person that got the job.

A lot of my friends have expressed that they are not okay. They are going to work and are mentally drained. I am 1000% there with them. This past week has sent my mind in a tailspin. I’m worried about the protestors because even during peaceful protests, there is pain within the pain. That pain is rubber bullets, tear gas, wooden batons, and more. I came to work yesterday and I was so mentally drained, I tried to pour my pain on the air, and in the mix. And guess what, it still was NOT ENOUGH!

I have friends that work in corporate jobs and there are individuals in major positions that have the “good ole boy” mindset. There are ones that have racism running pure through their blood. Everyone “stays inline” from fear of losing their jobs or being blackballed funneling you into a stagnate position in your job field.

But, I’m telling you this, if everyone was just treated fairly or felt like they were, I’m telling you, a lot more people would at least be somewhat okay. To white corporate America, your black co-workers are NOT okay. They do not want to be consistently asked how they feel because you do or don’t know what to say. They don’t want to hear that you think you want to protest, because some feel like no allies are needed. BIG SIGH! I’m gonna stop here because, I too, am tired.