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PHILADELPHIA, PA - JUNE 01: A protester holds a sign stating "BLACK LIVES MATTER" towards police shooting tear gas after a march through Center City on June 1, 2020 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Demonstrations have erupted all across the country in response to George Floyd's death in Minneapolis, Minnesota while in police custody a week ago. (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

I’m sure you’re seeing black screens as posts all around social media. I love it and I get it. I want anyone reading to get what I think of it too.

-I think a few things should come out of #BlackoutTuesday. For one, social media’s algorithm will be thrown off. Throwing social media off for one day is huge. Ads are bought based upon demographic, age, gender, interests, etc. If those items change even for one day, it will throw off the entire scope of social media, thus changing this for the future. This could be good or bad, but right now, we have to take what we got.

-This is set to be a day for education and reflection. Take the time to truly educate those non black and brown individuals about what this fight is truly about. There are some individuals that get it, but they don’t get it. There will be some that don’t want to get it, but this is not for them.

-As far as the reflection part, reflect on your history, your heritage. Just reflect.

-A lot of users suggest not to do use the #BlackLivesMatter in your posts. Reason being, a lot of posts with those hashtags are reportedly being randomly deleted for some users. Also, protesters use this hashtag for information. Last but not least, throwing off a social media algorithm won’t work if a lot users are using it. It has the adverse affect.

-If it’s not an update related to the George Floyd case, leave it alone. No selfies, no promos, nothing!

-I saw someone suggesting to only post black owned businesses today. I say not right now. Lets save this for the week leading into July 7th.

-I’m adding a few suggestions. Also take this day to get on the net and research everyone running for any office in your area. Really learn about them and what they are about. Get yourself ready to place an absentee ballot if you’re unable to vote in person. By prepping yourself now, you will be armed with the necessary knowledge of knowing exactly who you want to vote for without a doubt. Some citizens vote straight tickets, and that isn’t always the key.