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This morning there were 4,188 cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) reported and 96 deaths due to COVID-19, and that was only Mecklenburg County residents, which makes me wonder what South Carolina is doing.  My source says as of May 31, 2020, 3,962 cases of and 93 deaths due to COVID-19 among county residents reported to Mecklenburg County Public Health (MCPH).

This COVID-19 thing is tricky because some people say they’re not wearing mask and gloves because it’s not affecting their communities.

Highlights about the epidemiology of COVID-19 in Mecklenburg County as of May 31, 2020 include:

About 3 in 4 reported cases were adults ages 20 to 59 years old.
More than a third of reported cases are Hispanic – most of whom are younger adults. The high number of reported cases among young Hispanics over the last several weeks remains a significant concern.

About 1 in 10 reported cases were hospitalized due to their COVID-19 infection. While everyone is at risk for severe COVID-19 complications, reported cases who were older adults (≥ 60 years) were more likely to be hospitalized compared to younger individuals.

About 2 in 3 reported cases have met CDC criteria to be released from isolation.
During the past week, an average of 85 individuals with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 infections were hospitalized at acute care facilities in Mecklenburg County. This represents an increase over the last 14-days. These data are based on daily census counts from acute care facilities in Mecklenburg County reporting to MCPH.

During the past week, an average of 9.4 percent of individuals who were tested were positive for COVID-19. This represents an increase over the last 14-days. These data only include tests conducted by Atrium Health and Novant Health.  Ninety-three deaths due to COVID-19 occurred among reported cases.  Almost all deaths were among older adults (≥ 60 years), 6 deaths were adults ages 40 to 59.  All deaths, except one, occurred among adults with underlying chronic illnesses.  Nearly 2 out of 3 were non-Hispanic Whites. The disparity in COVID-19 deaths among non-Hispanic Whites is related to differences in race/ethnicity of residents of long-term care (LTC) facilities actively experiencing an outbreak.  More than half of the deaths were connected to active outbreaks at long-term care (LTC) facilities.  Based on publicly available mobility tracking data, there was a decrease in social distancing in Mecklenburg County over the last 14-days. Despite this downward trend, social distancing remains significantly higher than before the Stay at Home Order became effective on March 26, 2020.

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