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These days we have to find our happiness in a dark place. A smile can dazzle, charm, and melt the hearts of many. It’s one accessory that will never go out of fashion. We’ve all heard at some point the positive impact smiling has on the impression we make on others. A sincere smile can make you seem more amiable, intelligent, trustworthy, and attractive. But did you know to smile often has an impact on physical and mental health and can increase life span?

Smiling is proven to boost the moods of people who wrestle with anxiety and depression. Studies show that smiling, even when you don’t feel like it, stimulates positive thoughts and lowers your heart rate during stressful situations.
Smiles and laughter really are the best medicine. The Mayo Clinic reports that happy thoughts increase your immune system while negative thoughts weaken it. Mayo also reports that laughter releases natural pain killers in the body. Laughing together with friends increases the body’s threshold for pain.

Smiling is a powerful tool to help build and maintain relationships. We’re all drawn to people who are positive and always have a smile on their faces, right. A smile can be irresistible and turning up the corners of those lovely lips often associated with better charisma and successful marriages. Smiling and positivity are linked to longer lifespans so smile and soak up its numerous benefits to mind, body, and spirit.

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