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North Carolina is slowly opening back up.  We are scheduled to move into Phase 3 on Friday.  I personally think its gonna be more of a Phase 2.5 but that’s just my opinion.  Whatever happens, restrictions are loosening up but COVID-19 is still alive and well.  It is up to us to stay protected and protect each other.  Here are some simple tips to help everyone stay safe!

  1. Disinfect your cell phone daily!
  2. Disinfect your computer at least once per day and keyboards and mice once per week.
  3. Keep glasses and sunglasses clean since you are likely to touch them as well as your face.
  4. Wipe down car handles and door handles regularly.
  5. Disinfect your purse and wallet with a disinfectant wipe.
  6. Wash your masks after each use, either in the laundry or soak them in soap or detergent