This past Friday 6/26 there was a comedy show at a restaurant in Albemarle, NC called Tiffany’s at the Boardroom.  They normally do a show every week but due to the pandemic, they had to close their doors for a little while.  This past Friday was the first show they’ve had in 3 months, they could only open to half capacity but it was still a fun event to attend. Fortunately, I was the one who the people came to see, and even though there is a pandemic people showed up 1 just to get out of the house and 2 to enjoy themselves.

The energy in the room was electric from beginning to end because Jason Allen King started the show-off and proceeded to lay the crowd on the floor.  Once he was done all I had to do was get on the stage and keep it going.  By the end of the night, everyone seemed to have forgotten that there were only half the people because the volume of the laughter made it sound as if the show were in a coliseum.

What was the last live show you’ve been to?