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Talking with your kids

Luckily we’re not mandated to read or given a particular handbook on being the best parent, because parenting should be a unique experience that we can mold into something beautiful that we can treasure for the rest of our lives. During COVID-19 Stay at home orders – it’s made it particularly unusual and uncomfortable for some of us parenting and homeschooling.

We’re not accustomed or built to be quarantined for days, weeks or even months on end, but being in quarantine has come with lessons and a levels of awareness about ourselves and loved ones.  Don’t you think that this pandemic has heightened self-awareness? It’s either exposed our good and bad habits, revealed big secrets and little ones or testing how strong, enlightened and illuminated we can be.

As parents we experience bumps in the road, road blocks, and broken bridges on our journey, because we only have the experience of, being parented. The best advice a parent can receive is avoid comparing our child and putting labels on them.
Because there’s always going to be a better-behaved child compared to another child. Which brings me to my next and last point of kids misbehaving. Kids don’t just act up because they are defiant by nature or out of control, most kids are acting up for a reason, and you have to ask yourself the hard question of, what’s troubling my kid? Have they been bullied behind my back, or sexually abused on my watch or misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all. Medicating your kid with prescribed medications is all well and good, but sometimes, just sit with your child to comfort them and ask simple questions the old fashioned way, through conversations without distractions.

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