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Yup Nosey Neighbors its true, I tested positive for COVID-19.  Today, is Day 9 of my quarantine but let me take you back to Day 1.

Last Wednesday, as I was taking a shower and getting ready for work, I realized I could not smell my soap.  (If you listen to the show, you know I am a scent girl! So this was a big deal!). When I got out of the shower I immediately went to my kitchen and ate some candy.  Just as suspected….No Taste!

I went back into my bedroom and woke up “The Guy” to tell him.  He looked at me and said “Oh No!”   I looked at him and said, “Yup.”  And without saying it we both knew it…COVID-19.  We both have stayed informed on the symptoms and knew that loss of taste and smell was one.

I decided not to go into the studio that day.  Instead, I did the show from my kitchen table.  It was a struggle.  I felt horrible.  I had a fever, chills, sore throat, and I was TIRED!  It was like once my body was fully awake, the symptoms just hit me all at once.  As soon as the show was over at 10am, I got in the bed and didn’t wake back up until 7pm and that was just to eat.

The next day, “The Guy” and I woke up early and went to get tested.  I was so nervous about that test yall!  I did not want to get it done BUT surprisingly, I DIDN’T HURT AT ALL!!  Not one bit.

For the next 4 days, we sat in our house waiting for our results.  Finally, I received a phone call from a kind nurse, “Ms. Williams, you tested Positive.”  Now I assumed I had COVID.  I had all the symptoms.  But there was something about actually hearing it from the nurse that made it all very real.

She asked me when the symptoms started, when did I get tested, if I had been around anyone.  I told her that I had already contacted everyone and that I had been quarantining since the 1st day of symptoms.  Her response….”YOU ARE ON IT!”

She told me to continue quarantining for a full 14 days and that if my symptoms got any worse I would need to contact my doctor and go to the hospital.  I am BLESSED!  I haven’t had to do either one.

So here we are…DAY 9 of my quarantine.  Oh by the way.  If you are wondering what “The Guy’s” test results were, well he is NEGATIVE!  I am still shocked by that one.  But that means that I am not only quarantining, I am quarantining in my bedroom…by myself.  I don’t leave this space.  If I need anything, he just drops it off at the door for me.  (He has been a trooper!)

I am feeling pretty good today.  My consistent symptoms have been the loss of taste and smell.  That hasn’t come back yet.  My fever hasn’t gotten higher than 102 (and that was only 1 time) and they usually come in the evening around 6pm or 7pm.  My sore throat and headaches are gone and my body aches have eased up.  I have NOT had any respiratory issues. So no trouble breathing and no cough.  (Told ya I am Blessed!)

Do I know how I got COVID-19….No.  Was I wearing a mask and practicing social distancing…Yes.  Am I upset or sad…No!  (Refer back to the part about me being BLESSED!) This is simply a part of “The Book of Ms. Jessica” and a pretty interesting chapter if I do say so myself.

I go live on IG and Facebook every evening for my “Quarantine Confessions” to update my Nosey Neighbors on my symptoms and just check in.

I am sooooooooooooooooo thankful for the calls, texts, DMs, comments, and prayers.  Even though the doctor has not prescribed me medicine, I want you to know that your kind messages and prayers are my medicine from God and it is WORKING!

Can’t wait to see you soon Nosey Neighbors!  But in the meantime, continue to wear your mask, wash your hands, social distance, don’t touch your face, GET TESTED, and be kind to each other.

Love Always,

Ms. Jessica “The Girl Next Door”