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Back in March, when news of the Coronavirus really made a splash in the US, not much was known.  So it was very frightening to hear about a loved one testing positive.  I experienced that fear when I learned that a very special member of Maddhouse Nation tested positive and that was James Darnell.

Now you might not be familiar with the name, but you will immediately recognize the face.  James is Burpie’s twin.  (and in my opinion the better twin LOL!  Burpie knows its true.)

James took to Facebook and shared that she tested positive for the virus. Over the next couple of weeks, I would check in on her and follow her story.  When I tested positive, I thought back to her experience and realized that there were so many differences and similarities….1 Virus, 2 Experiences.  We needed to get the story out.

So I invited James to do a IG Live with me so we could discuss our very different experiences with COVID-19.   Check out the live below.  Now I know it is pretty long, but the information is very VALUABLE!  Enjoy Nosey Neighbors and Stay Safe!  xoxo, Ms. Jessica “The Girl Next Door”