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NC Governor, Roy Cooper, just announced that NC schools WILL OPEN in August for In Person AND Remote Learning (Plan B). Here are some of the details…
  • Students & Staff will be required to wear face mask. Each student will be provided with 5 face masks.
  • School will be required to limit the number of people in the building to ensure social distancing.
  • There will be symptom checks at schools
  • Schools must provide an isolation room for sick students
  • Schools and classrooms will be cleaned regularly
  • Teachers will limit sharing of personal items (pencil, paper, etc.)
  • Outside visitors will be limited
  • Large gatherings (assemblies, etc.) will be suspended.

This is Plan B, which is the baseline. Individual school districts CAN choose to open with Plan C which is remote learning.

There is still a chance that the State of NC will move to Plan C (remote learning for all students) if our COVID number continue to rise.