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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed lots of things over the last few months, but it hasn’t changed the need for foster parents across the map, but especially in the Carolinas.  Nazareth Child & Family Connection will host a virtual Foster Care Information Session on July 23 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. The info session is in advance of the organization’s 10-week foster-parenting classes, which will begin in early fall.

The virtual information meeting, led by Nazareth Director of Foster Care Services Shawn Squirewell, and will cover what it takes to become a foster parent, the training that is needed and to answer any questions anyone may have.  Registration for the Foster Care Information Session may be made by visiting Nazareth Child & Family Connect to fill out a simple form to attend on July 23, 2020. A video call will share information upon registration.

The Adoption and Family Foster Care programs at Nazareth Child & Family Connection are designed to find adoptive or foster homes for legally free and at-risk children, who over a period of time have been unable to return to live with their birth parents or with other family members. Once children are available for adoption, their foster parents are the first ones given the opportunity to adopt. This process is called “fostering to adopt”. There are many benefits to this process. First, you already have an established relationship with the child. Secondly, you already have had the contact and possibly relationships with extended family and birth parents of the children. Thirdly, it is significantly less expensive to adopt a child who is already placed in your home as a foster child.

Nazareth Child & Family Connection provides the highest quality of services with a commitment to excellence while empowering youth and families in developing solutions that ensure successful outcomes.  Their vision is for all individuals to live and grow in a safe and happy home environment, free of abuse and oppression, and with a healthy respect for themselves and others.

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