Coronavirus Information Report

Northwest School of the Arts

Parents, teachers, and kids have been waiting for the announcement about the 2020/2021 school year. Yesterday North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper gave details.

North Carolina’s public schools can offer both in-person and online, virtual learning options for the upcoming school year. Schools will open for in-person instruction under an updated Plan B. This plan is going to require face coverings for all K-12 students, fewer children in the classroom, measures to ensure social distancing for everyone in the building, and other safety protocols.

It will be up to local districts to determine the options they offer students this year. Districts can decide to offer all-online classes instead of a mixture of classroom and virtual options. No district will not be able to offer all in-person instruction.

Districts will require a limited number of people – both students and staff – inside a school building at any one time. School districts have the flexibility to arrange staggered schedules as they see best. They can decide to alternate schedules on a daily or weekly basis. Schools must maintain social distancing and offer schedules with time for handwashing and districts are encouraged to create safe practices such as one-way hallways.

Also announced yesterday, North Carolina will continue Phase 2 for three more weeks. Honestly, I am not sure that any plan will be fool-proof and I think that teachers are going to have an even harder time teaching this year. And although many kids are comfortable wearing masks now, I think it’s going to be a challenge. It’s hard enough to get kids to focus when they aren’t wearing masks.

Sending love and patience to all the parents, teachers, and school staff! I think this year will be difficult. More details about this year’s plan can be found here.


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