Terrance Howard’s ex-wife, Michelle Ghent, recently fired back at the actor in court.

Ghent filed her response in the lawsuit that was originally presented by 20th Century Fox. As The Blast reports, the studio sued Howard, his company Universal Bridges, and Ghent. However, Ghent served the studio a court order showing that Howard was ordered to pay her $1.3 million.

According to Howard, the actor appealed the decision and is currently still awaiting the outcome. Howard believes that since he filed the appeal the original judgment is stayed, meaning that Ghent can’t collect on the debt until the appeal is decided upon.

The studio asked the court to inform them of who exactly they should pay. Ghent has fired back at both Howard and 20th Century Fox. According to Ghent, Howard is “playing dirty games” to drag out having to pay the money that she’s owed.

She cites Terrence’s company is “knowingly and unreasonably delayed in asserting the cause of action contained in its cross-complaint, without good cause and under circumstances permitting and requiring diligence, and thereby prejudiced Michelle.”

Howard’s ex-wife also accused Howard of being in contempt of court for not paying her the $1.3 million. She’s asking the court to enter an order directing Howard’s company to give her any payments received from 20th Century Fox until the entire debt is paid off. However, a judge has yet to rule.

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