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Not only is today Friday, but it’s also National Tequila Day! WHOOP WHOOP! I decided what better way than to try this quarantine cocktail that will take the edge of your Friday, and start your weekend right.

Renee McDaniel is one hell of a bartender. When I reached out to her to create a special cocktail for my #DaytimeCrew she didn’t hesitate. This drink is simple, yet tasty!

At first we didn’t have a name for the drink, but then one came to me. We’re going to call this drink “Anytime Love.” Anytime of day, this drink is guaranteed to be love. Here is the recipe.


Mint Leaves, limes, oranges, simple syrup, tequila (Your favorite kind,) peach nectar, and ginger beer.

Muddle 6 mint leaves, 4 to 5 lime wedges, simple syrup or cane sugar one large orange wedge in a shaker tin. Add 2 oz tequila and 1 oz of peach nectar. Shake, strain over ice and then top with ginger beer. Here is a picture of the finished product.

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Also, do you guys think I should feature an unwind drink of the week? If so, let me know. I sure will and feature a different bartender each week.