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Face mask are now a part of our everyday lives, especially in states like ours where there is a mask mandate. You can’t go anywhere without a face covering of some kind. My intern Ebony only likes fashionable masks, but her husband prefers wearing a bandanna tied around the lower half of his face like a cowboy bandit, lol. I have a few masks in different styles of basic black. Timeless. Wearing a mask is supposed to be a way to protect ourselves and others from contracting the virus, and slow down the number of cases we see rising each day.

People have certainly been making the best of it. I see so many different patterns and intricate designs. Some have rhinestones, some have beads and graphics. I’ve even seen mask that make a statement for George Floyd, the BLM movement, and for gay pride. Designers are eager to capitalize on the new normal. I mean, if we have to wear them, we might as well wear them with style. It’s becoming our most essential accessory. I always say fashion isn’t just stylish…its functional and our mask definitely serve a purpose.

This morning, I read that cloth masks need to be a minimum of two layers to protect you and others from viral droplets. The design and fit are also important to the effectiveness of the masks. If you have a cloth mask make sure you wash it frequently in order to sanitize away the germs of the day. Opt for a light breathable material and make sure it covers your mouth and nose.

All I know is that, people can’t breathe properly and it’s causing issues. At the end of the day, stay safe and fashionable.

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