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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 16: An attendee holds a container of Lysol disinfecting wipes as San Francisco Mayor London Breed (R) speaks during a press conference at San Francisco City Hall on March 16, 2020 in San Francisco, California. San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced a shelter in place order for residents in San Francisco until April 7. The order will allow people to leave their homes to do essential tasks such as grocery shopping and pet walking. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

With the rapid rise of COVID-19, cleaning supplies were scarce. Scarce supplies include disinfectant wipes. I was floored to learn a few things that you should not use disinfectant wipes on.

  1. Leather Purses – Apparently leather purses should not be cleaned with disinfectant wipes. If it isn’t soap and water or leather cleaner, don’t use it. Honestly, I think I would only use leather wipes anyway because I’m thinking anything else other than soap and water or leather cleaner would dry the leather out.
  2. Granite Countertops – Now this one surprised me for sure. According to reports, you should only use a little dish soap and water and/or a little bit of alcohol.
  3. Eye Glasses – I know sometimes we like to think that we can use disinfectant wipes on everything, but we can’t including eyeglasses. The wipes can eat away at the coating on the glasses. This makes sense though.
  4. Car Touch Screens – The touch screen could get damaged with the disinfectant wipes. Apparently, it’s best to use soap and water, just not too wet.

Did you know any of this?