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Folks it’s that time of year again, and it’s one of my favorite times, another one of Vonyetta’s Favorite Things.

Last night was the season opener for the NBA. It’s no secret that not only am I a Kobe fan, I’m a Lakers fan. I cooked a full meal just for last night. Let’s start about talking about some of my favorite moments.

Let me start with how the NBA has handled COVID. Not only were the players under a mandated quarantine, but the technology to handle COVID was next level. Players wore a band, similar to the bands at Disney World. Upon entering, you scan the band, if it turns green, you’re good to go. If the band turns red, you need to be checked. There have been a total of two reports so far, that have reported negative results in regards to the NBA and Coronavirus. I think they have done an amazing job.

Next, let me move to the packages. There were some great packages, thats what I call it, during NBA tipoff. Seeing various players speak their thoughts on Black Lives Matter, and more. I think my favorite though, had to be the Meek Mill package.

Rapper Meek Mill Delivers A Powerful Message for The Return | NBA on TNT

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My last moment that I enjoyed was during the National Anthem. Jon Batiste rendered the performance for the anthem. It was pre-recorded, but there was sort of a remix spin placed on it. I’m still not a fan of the anthem, simply because of the last verse, but that’s my business. Either way, all players were expected to kneel, which they did. I believe the referees kneeled too, along with the coaches. What were your favorite moments from the opener.