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Photo by Tembela Bohle from Pexels

There are quite a few businesses that have been able to thrive, expand, and start-up during the pandemic.

A new brewery is coming to the Monroe Road area and ready to spread its wings. The brewery, Vaulted Oak, will move into a former BB&T location.

As stated on their Instagram post, “Raise your glasses, #Charlotte. ???? Vaulted Oak Brewing is coming soon to serve the Echo Hills and Oakhurst neighborhoods! Located inside a former bank, we’ll be brewing small-batch, regionally inspired beers. Mark your calendars for our opening in late 2020!”

Vaulted Oak Brewing will serve small-batch beers and will include flavorful pale ales, blonde ales, and crisp lagers, dank and bitter West Coast IPAs, and tropical and soft East Coast IPAs. I am so excited about this. Are you going to visit?