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Yall know I’m all about my Mom’s. We need to make time for us because we NEED THAT ISH! Period! LOL

Well, the other day, I saw Summer Walker post about a drink she made that she needed a name for. Well, it inspired me to create a drink too. A lot of folks don’t know, but I took a bartending course, so I can do a little something in addition to whipping it up in the kitchen.

This drink I’ve named is called “The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice.” HA! So check this out. I’m going to give you the recipe, but keep in mind, I’m old school. I don’t measure stuff like that so you should be able to figure it out.

Half Glass: Stella Rosa Black

Quarter Glass: Stella Rosa Peach

2- Strawberries

2- Pineapple chunks

Splash of Ginger Ale

So I used one strawberry and one chunk for the glass garnish and the others in the drink

I mixed the everything in a shaker pretty much and poured it in the glass. I did freeze the Ginger Ale until it was at the slushy point and when I poured the splash, it was slushy! BIHHHHH this drink is LITTTT! Mommies you will love it!