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LUNEBURG, GERMANY - JULY 27: A woman buys tomatos at a vegetable market on July 27, 2005 in Luneburg, Germany. Sparked by the election manifesto of the opposition party CDU, Germany currently debates wether raising the Mehrwertsteuer (VAT) would in fact promote economic growth or if it would have the opposite effect by hurting families and low-income households. (Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

If you don’t know, I’m a smoothie girl. I love to make my smoothies and I even bottle them up. It’s a great way to get all my nutrients with the fresh taste of all the fresh fruits and veggies that I love.

This farmers market will be coming for the month of October and will be in the University area. If you know where the Shoppes at University Place is, then you know where this market will be. It will open 10/3 for the month of October. After that, it will be done until 2021. The address is 8929 JM Keynes Blvd. Pull up!