This story warmed my heart. A local high school cheerleader will be featured in a video presentation that will be played on a giant billboard in Times Square this weekend.

Marlee Kale is a 17-year old with Down Syndrom who lives in Hickory, North Carolina. She is currently a cheerleader attending Stephens High School and about to make some big dreams come true. According to her mom and dad, they received an email about a Times Square video presentation earlier this year and submitted Marlee Kale. Soon, after they submitted Marlee’s photo, they were notified that she was selected out of thousands of submissions.

This presentation is to honor the start of Down Syndrome Awareness Month. The featured photographs highlight children, teens, and adults with Down syndrome working, playing, and learning alongside friends and family. I can only imagine how excited Marlee is about this event and can’t wait to see her rocking the big screen.

The Times Square Video will be streamed worldwide on NDSS social media channels this Saturday. You can read more about Marlee and her life here. Congratulations!

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