Every Friday there is a song created from the ideas and suggestions of the Maddhouse nation.  This week was tough for me because I had no clue what I was going to do a song about this past Friday.  I literally had writers block, it was a busy week, I had a lot to do and simply forgot to get a suggestion from the listeners about what the song should be.  So Thursday night at around 9:30pm I went live on instagram simply because I was stuck and needed some inspiration for ideas and suggestions also because I had nothing couldn’t think of anything, nothing was popping up in my head, I didn’t have a melody that I wanted the song to be.  When I went live maddhouse nation came through in the clutch.  One of my friends suggested that I think about when I was in college and how we used to play video games all the time.  From that suggestion I came up with the song I created and you can check it out below.