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Feelingthropic Inc

Whoever dies with the most square footage doesn’t always win. The white picket fence that protects your brick and mortar can be swept away in storms, or knock it out sock it out divorce, or job loss. We’ve become so spoiled with our square footage in the United States that it’s almost ridiculous.  You know what else is ridiculous; no place to go after aging out of the Foster Care system. If you’re between 15 years old to 24 you might crash at a friends house for a bit, sleep outside as long as you can or lucky enough to get into a crowded shelter. There is a non profit that’s a few years old by the name of Feelingthropic Inc that getting out on the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina, raising the bar related to assisting these precious teens and young adults with blankets and hoodies, food and other necessities. State Farm Insurance company is giving away neighborhood assist program/grants to worthy non profits and Feelingthropic Inc is one of them and needs your vote to win  Click here to vote for Feelingthropic. 

If you find yourself in need of help, Feelingthropic has created a page of resources for you. Also, can you imagine aging out of the Foster Care system without a caring mentor?  Become a mentor here.

Radio host Francene Marie interviews the Founder & CEO of Feelingtrhopic Inc., about the grant money they can use. Listen to Mary Boulware’s passion to help our youth aging out of the Foster Care system. Radio Show Link.

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