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Before spending your hard earned money on lottery tickets, maximize your chances of winning any lottery by picking  games that give better odds to boost your chances of winning.

On September 12, William Lassiter of Wake County did what thousands of other North Carolinians do daily at the Webb’s Mini Mart Gas Station in Garner off of Poole Road. This lucky guy purchased a lottery ticket for one dollar like we all do when feeling lucky. Lassiter said, “I always told my wife that I would win the pick 5 jackpot” and on that following day, his words would prove to be prophetic.

While watching the evening news the following day Lassiter noticed that the Pick 5 lottery numbers on the television, sounded very similar to the numbers he had on his freshly purchased ticket from Webb’s Mini Mart. Upon observing his ticket and comparing it to the numbers he saw on television, he and his wife were able to live out a dream of many and belt out those magic 5 words that we all would love to say I HAVE THE WINNING LOTTERY TICKET! Lassiter winnings totaled approximately 139,042, but in actuality he pocketed only 98,373 on this past Monday after state and federal tax deductions were made. The odds of the Lasseter’s winning were 1 in 962,568. However, having a positive mindset is the breeding ground for the unexpected, even when the odds are stacked against you. When was the last time you played the lottery?

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