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We all know that the impacts of COVID have been an uncharted magnitude. The City of Charlotte has had many different grants and opportunities to offer relief funds for different businesses.

The Food Service Recovery Grant became available on September 21st. The grant closes on October 15th at 5pm. Keep in mind that if the funds get distributed before the October, the grant could close, so that means you need to jump quick.

Apparently previously, there was a stipulation that you had to have a gross sales amount of at least $30k in the year 2019, but that’s no longer there. Here are the eligibility requirements.

  • Businesses that received a grant through the Small BusinessRecovery Grant program are NOT eligible to apply for this program. Eligible businesses that applied for the Small Business Recovery Grant program but did not receive a grant will automatically be considered for the Food Service Recovery Grant program and do not need to reapply
  • Open to restaurants, bars, food trucks, caterers and music venues.
  • Business must be located within the city limits of Charlotte, NC.
  • Business must have been conducting business before January 1, 2020.
  • Applicants cannot currently be engaged in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Nonprofits, liquor stores and adult entertainment establishments are not eligible.
  • Your business must be included in the Mecklenburg County database as having paid the Food and Beverage Tax in 2019, as well as having submitted this form to the County in August or September of 2020, even if the submission shows $0 revenue. Our application reviewers will check the database to ensure eligibility.
  • If an applicant’s property is listed in Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department’s Nuisance Abatement Program, the City reserves the right to decline to issue a grant, following a review of calls for service to CMPD in connection with such property.
  • For owners applying for more than one business – please note these businesses must be operating as a separate business with separately filed TIN numbers.  A restaurant that also provides catering services would be considered one business if operating under the same TIN.

Good luck!