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There have been many thoughts on what happened between Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion. I’m not going to speculate because I wasn’t there, but I have heard many rumors on the private gossip circuit.

Now, I haven’t spoken on any of this topic prior, however, I didn’t think we had all of the facts. Nonetheless, my prayers definitely go out to Megan. Now, I do understand Tory was arraigned today and I do believe that more of the facts with this case will eventually come out and I think then, I can formulate a proper opinion. However, today I came across an ALLEGED recording of the security guard that was the fourth person in the car with Megan, Tory, and Meg’s former best friend Kelsey.

Honestly, I did think that it was kind of odd that Kelsey wasn’t speaking out publicly really about the situation, but again, I didn’t have all of the facts, so I couldn’t formulate a true opinion. I just thought that it was odd. Well, now that this recording is released, could there be more to the story. I say that because I’ve seen and heard a few bloggers claiming that this was a strong rumor, and whew boy, if it is, does it change how you feel about the situation. Either way, Meg was shot, shot at, grazed, or whatever, and that ain’t right by any means. So of course, my prayers go out to her. So listen below and keep reading.

NOTE: We have not verified 100% that this is the security guard at the scene, however, it’s worth listening to.

Now, I do find it hard to believe that the best friend was going for the gun to shoot Meg, but if he was messing with them both, she probably was more pissed with him. Now, then again, if Meg knew the best friend was ALLEGEDLY messing with Tory, then I guess it’s possible this ALLEGED story could be believable. What y’all think?