Risk level 9- Going to a music concert - This is simply unsafe at the moment, as concerts with people so close together and usually doing some singing of their own. As with movies, it seems that concerts at drive-in venues will be the safest option for now.

We all know what type of year 2020 has been, there have been a lot of deaths and a lot of businesses have taken a hit but none have been hit harder than the entertainment business.  Being an entertainer myself as a stand up comedian that industry has been hit hard.  As a stand up comedian you perform at comedy clubs across the country in an intimate space or even in theatres or stadiums all over and it’s always been in front of a live audience because that’s what makes the experience that much greater.  Since the pandemic has hit it’s almost as if there is nowhere to go and nothing to do because a lot of people can’t be in the same area at one time.

What entertainers are starting to do now is they are trying to find creative ways to work on their craft.  Some places have had virtual shows which I’ve done but it’s still not the same because you don’t have the live crowd experience.  There have been socially distanced shows which still don’t have the same feel because there aren’t the normal amount of people in the crowd and when there are smaller crowds people tend to not want to laugh as much.  What I’ve been a part of lately is comedy promoters have been putting together shows at local city baseball stadiums which is a great way to do it.  They can sell the same amount of tickets as they would at a sold out show in a comedy club BUT they’re spaced out and everyone is socially distanced.

Although this is the new normal there will still be ways to keep live entertainment alive and well.  Have you been to any live shows since the pandemic started?