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Nakyzin’s parent told No Limit Larry and The Morning Maddhouse what he does in the community and won a spot on the Power Cool Kids Page below brought to you by McDonald’s. Congrats you star, this is a well-deserved win.

So here’s his story!

My awesome kid is so cool because he really loves to help people in need! He cleans up trash at parks. Love to take the neighbors trash for them (an elderly couple) and he gives to the homeless when he has it! I have found myself telling him that you can’t help everyone, but at the end of the day, he is going to try his best. He is the sweetest most kind-hearted person I know. I’m super proud of him. For him to be 8 he has been through a lot including being homeless he is grateful for everything he has now and is working really hard in school where he really struggled before this year. He overcoming everything that was sent to break him down. He lifts up everyone’s sprite who comes in contact with him. I do believe he is really a cool kid.

Congrats again to Nakyzin, a win well deserved.

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