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STOCKTON, CA - APRIL 29: A foreclosure sign sits in front of a home for sale April 29, 2008 in Stockton, California. As the nation continues to see widespread home loan foreclosures, Stockton, California led the nation with the highest foreclosure rate. One out of every 30 homes in Stockton is in foreclosure, close to seven times the national average for a metro area in the U.S. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

A lot of people have seen some tough times during this pandemic. Millions of Americans are unemployed and of course that takes a big toll when you’re a homeowner.

The HOMES program was created to use grant funds to assist Charlotte homeowners facing difficulty. The deadline was extended to November 15th. Here is what you need to qualify.

  • live in Mecklenburg County.
  • own a residential property or occupy a property with a qualifying life estate.
  • have lived in this primary residence for the past three consecutive years.
  • do not have more than one delinquent property tax bill in the last three years.
  • total household income does not exceed 50% of the Area Median Income set by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). For example, a family of four’s household income limit is $41,750.

If you need to apply, click here.