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Amisila “Mimi: Patton’s parent told No Limit Larry and The Morning Maddhouse what she does in the community and won a spot on the Power Cool Kids Page below brought to you by McDonald’s. Congrats you star, this is a well-deserved win.

So here’s her story!

Last Sunday, Mimi went to “tent city” to hand out care packages to the homeless. This decision was made, after witnessing a homeless man go through the trash can, about three months ago. Shortly after that, Mimi was in a contest at church and decided that if she won the contest, and received a monetary prize, she would use a portion of her prize money to help the homeless.

Well, she did win! And last week, we went shopping. Mimi used her own money for the items to prepare for the care packages. Along with the help of her mother and grandmother, we made the packages and distributed them to the homeless. For a seven-year-old, I think that’s pretty awesome!

Congrats again to Mimi, a win well deserved.

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