The March 15th Democratic primary debate between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders will not feature a live audience. Per CNN, the decision was made by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) at the request of both Biden and Sanders' campaigns after many health officials have advised people to avoid large gatherings.

North Carolina is expected to be a swing state in the presidential election.

That’s why both parties are hitting the campaign trail hard with continuous visits to the state.

Dr. Jill Biden, the wife of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, made a campaign stop, with a drive-in rally, Saturday afternoon in Charlotte.

She was joined by comedian and actress Amy Schumer to campaign for Joe Biden at the PNC Music Pavilion.

“I promise you North Carolina, Joe Biden will be a president for all Americans,” Biden said. “He has a plan to end this pandemic, to rebuild, to reimagine a future that’s better than ever.”

Joe Biden’s opponent, Donald Trump, will be in Hickory on Sunday and in Fayetteville on Monday.

His running mate Kamala Harris will be in Fayetteville on Sunday.

As of Saturday morning, more than four million North Carolinians have cast their ballot.

Jill Biden’s rally in Charlotte on Saturday came just hours before one-stop early voting ended in North Carolina.

Supporters watched Jill Biden’s campaign rally from their cars, a drive-in rally, where she encouraged people to get out and vote.

She said North Carolina could be the difference in whether Trump is reelected or if her husband, who served as vice president for Barack Obama, takes over the White House.

“One state, this state, can decide our future for generations to come,” Jill Biden said. “So, Charlotte, will you be that one vote? Will you join us now? Will you stand with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris? With you by our side, I know we are going to win this election.”

Jill Biden talked about the president’s response to the coronavirus, his social media posts and her husband’s fight against racial injustice.

“(Trump) tries to alter reality simply by renaming it, denigrating anyone who stands up to him, and trying to just wish this pandemic away,” Jill Biden said. “He says this virus has turned a corner. Instead, he has turned his back on us. Donald Trump wants to tell you a story that truth doesn’t matter, decency doesn’t matter, our voices don’t matter.”

Schumer kicked off the rally by telling jokes and lending her support to Joe Biden.

Their rally comes just three days before the Nov. 3 election.

“Here is a Halloween story for you. It happened in 2016,” Schumer said. “More than 800,000 registered Democrats did not vote, and Donald Trump won this state by fewer than 200,000 votes.

“We are ready for the sun to come out again.”

It was Jill Biden’s second visit to North Carolina, where the latest polls suggest a close race for the state’s 15 electoral votes between former Vice President Biden and Republican President Donald Trump. Biden is slightly ahead of Trump in the RealClear Politics N.C. poll average, 48.4 percent to 47.7 percent.