Coronavirus Information Report

Current Vice President of the United State Mike Pence announced yesterday that Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has come up with a possible Vaccine for Covid 19! Now before we start celebrating there is still yet a lot that has to be done first before the vaccine can be approved. However, the rush apparently is on for companies like Pfizer to figure out a vaccine that can be administered to bring Covid 19 to its knees.

The news could not come at a better time. With all that’s going on politically, we were in desperate need of some good news. After months and months of hits and misses, the reality of a vaccine is about to materialize and I for one am sorta, maybe kind of relived, but not going to stand in line just yet. So maybe family reunions, funerals, weddings, birthday parties, and cookouts that have all been placed on hold can now start back up again. Businesses’ can reopen, clubs and bars can function at peak efficiency again and America can get back to being it’s normal self. I know. I’m probably getting ahead of myself here, but after this past week, can you blame me for seeking a light at the end of the tunnel? Hey Pfizer, can you come up with a vaccine for world peace?

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