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Ms. Jessica's father "Daddy Next Door"

My parents have been married for 50 years!  For 37 of those years, my father served in the United States Coast Guard.  My mother supported him throughout his career by raising their 3 kids all while maintaining a career of her own.  Military life is different and at times difficult.  But for the people that live it everyday, the long deployments, relocating all over the world, and making new friends are just a part of life.

Ms. Jessica’s Parents

On this Veterans Day, I want to share a piece of my military life with you.  I invited my parents to discuss “military life”.  Some of the stories I knew, like my father’s friendship with the legendary author Alex Hailey.  Others, I had no idea about, like the penguin that got loose while he was on a Coast Guard helicopter.

Check out my interview with my mommy and daddy below.  I hope that the story of this young couple that grew up on Beatties Ford Road, went to West Charlotte High School, and went on to break all kinds of barriers for African Americans in the US Coast Guard inspires you!

Happy Veterans Day to ALL the men and woman that serve and protect our country!  (P.S. My parents have never been on Instagram before.  I was VERY proud that they were able to log on and go live.  LOL!)