One of our Power 98 listeners, LaShelle D. Peay submitted what she was thankful for on our website and was chosen as one of the many stories we will share this holiday season. LaShelle shared the photo above along with what she is thankful for.

I’m thankful for my SistaGirl Circle. The ladies in this picture are women of power and strength. Since COVID 19/Quarantine 2020 these ladies have been a force to reckon with. We text every day with words of encouragement, songs of praise, homemade signs, jokes & memes for laughter, or whatever is on our mind/hearts. There is not judgment zone just genuine love for each other. This picture was taken for my sister’s 55th birthday in July 2020 by Lionel Angevine of Camden, SC. This was our first time together since March. Our day was filled with love, power, togetherness, thanksgiving, and joy.

I’m so thankful to be a part of such a beautiful group of women. Their strength is my strength. We Empower Each Other! We uplift and not destroy. We count on each other every day to make it through the day. I’m thankful for my sister Teresa (yellow shirt) & my SistaGirls: Earica, Kim, Marilyn, Charita, Selina, Althea. Thank you, LaShelle (our shirts have powerful quotes and our mask have statement words). Black Lives Matter, Brown Skin Girls, SistaGirls Rock All Day Everyday.

So much love and truly LaShelle, we are thankful for you as a Power 98 listener and your SistaGirl Circle. Want to be featured on our site? Share your story of gratitude below and your story may be featured on our station blog. Have a happy and safe holiday.

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