(Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images)

As we all know the Carolina Panthers have dropped 4 straight games and it’s not as if they are getting blown out because they are not they just aren’t able to finish games for whatever reason.  They play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers today which some say is the best team in the NFC but Tom Brady and the bucs are coming off of a bad loss to the New Orleans saints.

They actually had the lead against the Chiefs last week but couldn’t maintain that lead.  Coach Rhule who is known for having good defensive teams in college hasn’t quite gotten the message over to his team in the NFL they give up a lot of points and can not stop the run.  The offense has looked good in all of the games they’ve played but not being able to get off the field on defense late in the games and also with Mccaffrey being hurt and not being able to run the ball to maintain the lead has hurt them also.  Do you think the panthers can turn it around this season and end on a high note.