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Thanksgiving Photo by Sasha Prasastika from Pexels

This has to be the best idea EVER! Get the patio ready and eat like a Pilgrim, or do it your own way with cool lights in the backyard for the season with cool photos like, mums, plenty of pumpkins and gourds. Instead of one big, long table, break up seating to be 6 feet apart. In the Carolinas, we have fabulous holiday weather and can eat outside shoeless and shirtless. Maybe borrow or buy some outdoor heaters because you can reuse or rent them to neighbors.

Do you have a canopy? Rent a nice fancy tent or use your enclosed patio and be the envy of your neighbors. This Thanksgiving just let it be kind of chill and take the stress away that we normally experienced. This year we can cut cost at the grocery store.  I was just at Publix grocery store and thought about ordering a turkey, but I love my homemade gravy too much to go that route, but give yourself a break this Thanksgiving. You can fire up the grill for the turkey and have some sides like mac & cheese, sweet potatoes and collard greens. If you’re a slow cooker lover, how about slow cooking a roast for Thanksgiving. How about a pot of potato gratin and super yummy cornbread? Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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