One of our Power 98 listeners, Kristen Pearson submitted what she was thankful for on our website and was chosen as one of the many stories we will share this holiday season. Kristen shared the photo above along with what she is thankful for.

We thank God for our life, talents, goals, dreams, but most importantly our La Familia for their love, time, inspiration, strength, southern hospitality cooking, the dance-off, the life lesson, and power. Without family, there’s no history! Remember to love your loved ones because someday God will need them back! Love yours!

So much love and truly Kristen, we are thankful for you as a Power 98 listener and your beautiful family. Want to be featured on our site? Share your story of gratitude below and your story may be featured on our station blog. Have a happy and safe holiday.

What Are You Thankful For? Show Us With a Picture!

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