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It’s kind of harsh to call my daughter out, but it has to be done! We laugh about it so it’s not going to hurt her feelings, and you can watch here. It seems the main features we want from a home baked turkey is crispy skin and moist meat, but most of all a flavorful bird that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Before I spill the beans about the awful turkey experience, let me share a recent Thanksgiving in 2019. So, last year I was invited to have a Friendsgiving with some awesome people, and it was amazing because the turkey was totally organic from a farm in North Carolina. I had never tasted such a fresh bird with amazing character and taste. in fact I couldn’t stop eating it.

For moist meat without the hassle of clearing fridge space to soak the bird in a vat of brining liquid, try a dry brine. Salting a turkey and letting it rest before roasting seasons it deeply and helps it retain moisture. One tip I can give is to try to choose a fresh turkey instead of a frozen one. Ice crystals that form during freezing damage a turkey’s muscle cells. When the bird thaws and roasts, fluids leak more readily from the damaged cells, drying out the meat. So this is the part where i tell  you about that year my kid ruined the turkey, but I’ll let her eloquently explain to you on Youtube.

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