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Shawn’s parent told No Limit Larry and The Morning Madhouse what he does in the community and won a spot on the Power Cool Kids Page below brought to you by McDonald’s. Congrats you star, this is a well-deserved win.

So here’s his story!

In this time of darkness and despair, we would like to take an opportunity to shine a spotlight on our Sonshine Shawn. He is certainly a driven and outstanding young man. This will be his senior year and we are so proud. With that said, let us tell you how truly brilliant and amazing he is. He hasn’t even started his senior year yet, and he is already done with all of his high school credits. He has worked so hard to earn his associate’s degree and high school diploma within 4 years. Yes, we did say (at 17), he will be graduating high school summa cum laude with a 4.3 GPA, and his associate’s degree in science. WOW, right!!! He is without a doubt, the best of both of us. He stole his book smarts from his daddy and his drive from his mom. Shawn has a kind heart and a gentle soul. During his spare time, he volunteered at Badin’s public library and helped pack lunches for disadvantaged children at our local YMCA.

CONGRATULATIONS Shawn, we are so proud of you. Keep up the good work. We know that you will continue to open doors, while the rest of us only see walls. We are overjoyed with hopes for your future. Your smile alone illuminates our world, please never lose it. Know that we are truly BLESSED to be your parents. Remember, you will ALWAYS and FOREVER be our Lucky Charm. Thank you for being our dream come true, Mom and Dad

Amazing stuff Shawn, congrats again!

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