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Where did the time go? It seems like yesterday that I was waiting at the bus stop with my friends eager to get to school to see my favorite teacher. That was elementary school, a time when kids don’t really mind going to school. Life was simple and school was fun. Suddenly, it is 6th grade graduation (when I was in elementary school, 6th grade was elementary). Now I’m nervous about moving on to junior high school (we didn’t have middle school yet). Junior high school was awesome, I learned lots of new things, met lots of new friends and then I blinked, there I was in high school. I made more friends, learned lots more new stuff and now I’m a freshman in college! How did I get here so fast? What do I do now? I don’t know anybody; I want to go home! College ended up being for me an awesome experience and I would not change one thing about it.

Do you take this man, to be your lawfully married husband? Wait what? Yes, I do! The big day, my pretty white dress, the flowers, the pictures, the food, the dancing oh my, this is what being on cloud 9 feels like! Congratulations, it’s a boy! A baby? I don’t know what to do! Who voted for this? Oh boy, where did the time go!

Mama, did you order my cap and gown? Huh? My baby is all grown up about to graduate from high school and now I have a college student. The shopping begins, he needs a microwave, a refrigerator and so on and so on. That was three years ago, and I now have a junior in college, I am one proud mama!

I am looking at the calendar and I see it, my birthday. Oh, my goodness, I am going to be 50 in a couple of weeks. Thank you, God, for letting me live this life for this long. As I look back over my life, I recognize how lucky and loved I am. The road has not been easy, and no one said it would be, but I am grateful for the lessons that I have learned along the way. Cancer could not stop me and turning 50 will not either! I welcome you to my life number 50, I hope you can keep up because I am not slowing done anytime soon! Happy 50th Birthday to me and to everyone that turned 50 with me this year! This is the year of the 70’s babies!

Shout out to the sweet and amazing Geneva Potts for sharing this amazing “Turning 50” article! So many people can relate to this fast journey on planet earth. Happy birthday!!!!

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