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This story is something. Get this…a woman who divorced her husband 10 years ago and agreed at the time to no child support is now changing her mind.

When the two split, they both made a deal that her ex would pay for daycare for their two daughters instead of paying child support and their arrangement worked fine … for a while. In a now-deleted post to Reddit’s “Am I the A-hole” section, she explains that her ex went back on their deal so now she’s planning to sue him for nine years of back child support, but she wonders if she’s being reasonable.

  • When their girls were little, her ex’s mom started watching them so he didn’t have to pay anything for daycare anymore. Instead, the mom asked him to help pay for college later and he agreed.
  • Then one of their kids got hit by a car while at his mom’s house and lost her permanent front teeth and had other injuries and the state then issued a child support order for $400, but she declined to have it enforced because her ex said he couldn’t afford it.
  • He agreed to help pay to replace the daughter’s teeth when she was older but didn’t kick in for childcare even though the mom didn’t think it was safe for his mom to watch them anymore after the accident.
  • Now that their girls are teenagers, their dad doesn’t see them much anymore and he refuses to help pay to replace his daughter’s teeth or contribute to college, as promised.

So now the mom is taking legal action, seeking full payment for the $400 a month he has owed for the last nine years to cover these costs. She’s second-guessing her move and asks Reddit if she’s wrong here. Most users agree she’s justified since her ex didn’t do anything he said he would, but some are critical of the mom for letting him off the hook in the first place. Do you agree with her?

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