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Ever taken a long road trip and realize at the start of the trip that you have nothing to do except sleep? I do not like to sleep on road trips because I want to make sure that the driver is alert during the ride. I do not think that the driver should be the only person who woke in the car, someone has to be sure that the driver is alert, and that person is me! In my family, the back-seat riders tend to fall asleep before we really get started on the trip. Here is a list of things I took along on my last family road trip to keep me occupied so that sleep could not creep in.

1. My number one favorite activity to do while traveling is to Crochet. All you need is a couple of balls of yarn and a crochet hook. Crochet items take up little space, just throwing the yarn and a crochet hook into a bag and crochet away.

2. Read a book, make sure it is a really good book otherwise you will get bored and that leads to sleepiness.

3. Listen to an audiobook, you can listen to an audio book while crocheting. Wireless earbuds work great for this.

4. Use this time to call and check on friends and family members that you never seem to find time to call.

5. Check and respond to emails on your wireless device.

6. Get caught up on the social media post.

7. Confirm travel arrangements, call the hotel or Air BNB to make sure everything is in order before your arrival.

8. Make restroom stops along the way, these steps can make you feel refreshed and energized. If stopping by a store, purchase some scratch-off lottery tickets and scratch them in the car.

9. Listen to music, make sure it is music that the driver likes to listen to. This way the music will keep them alert, you may have to adjust but that is ok, you will be just fine. Just arrive at your destination safely!

10.Talk, have a conversation. You can talk about sports, music, news anything thing of interest to everyone in the car.

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