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Trinity’s parents told No Limit Larry and The Morning Madhouse what she does in the community and won a spot on the Power Cool Kids Page below brought to you by McDonald’s. Congrats you star, this is a well-deserved win.

So here’s her story!

My cool kid has maintained A-B honor roll in the virtual academy as well as being a student of the month. She enjoys making tie-dye shirts and lip gloss to sell. She’s learning to do special effects makeup also. She has such a giving heart and loves helping our elderly uncle. To know this kid and to know what life has been like for her makes me so proud of her.

Her father was murdered 3 years ago and in July she found her grandfather unresponsive; in which he died that day from a stroke. Not once did she panic, she called my mom to get the paramedics and stayed by his side until we arrived. This just sums up my cool kid!

Amazing stuff Trinity, congrats again!

Power Cool Kids Contest

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