A HOAX message is trying to scam Instagram users out of their account details.

The DM pretends to come from Instagram’s help centre and threatens to close your account if you don’t hand over your information.

This is according to customer choice firm Which?, which reportedly received a copy of the phishing direct message.

If you received this message you are being advised to ignore it and delete it.

Cybercriminals are sending the message out to private inboxes and telling people that they’ve infringed copyright law with one of their posts.

This isn’t true but the message is actually pretty believable and you’d be forgiven for falling for it.

It reads: “Hello Dear Instagram User! A copyright violation has been detected in a post on your account.

“If you think copyright infringement is wrong you should provide feedback.

“Otherwise your account will be closed within 24 hours. You can give feedback from the link below.”

It then directs users to a link that you should definitely not click and asked for personal information.

The tone of the message and the fact it comes from a professional looking account has made some people fall for the scam already.

Any message like this should ring alarm bells though because if Instagram has a problem with your account it will contact you via email not direct message.

Which? told us: “The link tries to trick you into handing over your Instagram account login details and personal details.”

Although there has been no reports of hacked Instagram’s so far, the fake message does look a lot like a phishing scam.

Scammers often use these to steal details and then try and break into other accounts of their victims such as their online banking.