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When we venture out for a dining experience during a pandemic, we want some place safe to bite into these days. I just spoke with someone living in South Carolina and they’re saying, not many folks are wearing face mask, but in North Carolina we’re adapting to the rules. If you miss eating out like me, in April 2020 smart restauranteurs found ways of serving from food trucks, investing money into their social media presence and hiring marketing experts to hopefully see an uptick in their bottom-line.  According to Zenreach, the brick-and-mortar marketing experts that have been tracking restaurant foot traffic across the country reports that, we’ve got a long way to go for restaurants to fully recover. John Kelly, CEO of Zenreach, says “With the number of COVID-19 cases skyrocketing and with the return of more business restrictions, it’s clear we will not be out of the woods for a bit. The difference, however, between this recent wave of closures and the ones which took place earlier in the year is that we now better understand the formula for getting through this challenging period.  If you can create a safe dining environment, effectively target your best customers, and maintain (or even boost) your marketing spend, the more likely you are to successfully drive customers into your locations and sustain your restaurant business during this challenging time.”

States that are currently spending more at restaurants than they did in January 2020, in terms of their percent increase:

Washington – 26%
Utah – 24%
South Dakota – 20%
Alaska – 19%
Alabama – 18%
Nebraska – 18%
North Dakota – 16%
Indiana – 15%
Montana – 15%
Kentucky – 14%
Delaware – 14%
Wisconsin – 13%

Here’s a list of the states spending less at restaurants than they did in January 2020, in terms of their percent decrease:

Idaho – 47%
Massachusetts – 41%
Rhode Island – 34%
California – 29%
New Jersey – 24%
New Hampshire – 19%
New York – 18%
Connecticut – 17%
Florida – 11%
Michigan – 11%
Nevada – 10%
Pennsylvania – 7%

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